A premiere for sporting events – the official soundtrack of the Oltenia Marathon has been inspired by the heartbeats of sportspeople


A premiere for sporting events – the official soundtrack of the Oltenia Marathon has been inspired by the heartbeats of sportspeople


The fifth edition of the Oltenia Marathon powered by CEZ Romania surprises its audience with a national premiere: for the first time ever, a musical part has been composed based on the heartbeats of sportspeople – the participants to the reconnaissance tour of the MTB trail, including Martin Zmelik, the CEO of  CEZ Group in Romania.

Four participants to the reconnaissance tour of the Oltenia Marathon, that took place on June 7, 2017 wore wristbands which tracked their pulse, and the data collected from these wearable devices was downloaded and analized by artists Raul Kusak and Electric Brother, which used it as a source of inspiration to create the official soundtrack of the Oltenia Marathon.

The devices were worn by Martin Zmelik, Country Manager of CEZ Group in Romania, Carmen Bruma, TV journalist, and the two sports bloggers who support the event – Roxana Lupu (adrenallina.ro) and Emilian Nedelcu (biciclistul.ro). The four have taken on the 33 kilometers trail, characterized by significant level differences, difficult areas – from a technical perspective – and spectacular views, as they went through the forest nearby Ramnicu Valcea.
Carmen Bruma and Martin Zmelik, Country Manager Grupul CEZ in Romania

Carmen Bruma and Martin Zmelik, Country Manager Grupul CEZ in Romania

Heartbeats – a premiere in inspiration for musicians

„At the end of the reconnaissance tour, we extracted, from the wristbands the information regarding heart rate, in accordance with the four areas, which required different skills and effort. The recorded sounds were analyzed in detail and, afterwords, «translated» into the song’s beat. More exactly, for each area, we calculated the averages of the data collected from the four wristbands, and the result was a medium value of 130 beats per minute (BPM). Starting from this figure, we put together the rythmic logic of the whole musical piece. On the entire soundtrack, there is a beep, which marks the trail’s average effort and which becomes more accellerated or, contrary, less accelerated, depending on the difficulty of the surface. Even the sounds were chosen to reflect, in a relevant manner, the physical effort of the Oltenia Marathon’s soundtrack «star hearts»"

Raul Kusak, the creator of the musical composition

The participants to the Oltenia Marathon become supporters of the Ramnicu Valcea Blood Transfusion Center

The participants to the 2017 Oltenia Marathon have the opportunity of turning the competitions they are attending into more life chances, by supporting the Valcea Center for Blood Transfusion (Valcea CBT). Those who wish to support this cause may do so by making a donation through the www.maratonulolteniei.ro website. At the end of the Marathon, the value of the participation fees as well as that of the individual donations, together with the amount donated by CEZ Romania, will be fully directed towards the acquisition of modern, performant medical equipment for Valcea CBT.

Year after year, the Oltenia Marathon has supported, through funds collected and doubled by CEZ Romania, stringent local needs related to health and education. During the 5 marathon editions, we purchased medical equipment necessary for newborns and children, provided sporting equipment for students and financially supported disadvantaged pupils. This is why, in the 2017 Marathon edition, we make another step forward in developing the local partnership and we, hereby, encourage blood donation by supporting the Valcea Local Center for Blood Transfusion. The official soundtrack is one of the forms we hope the pace of our hearts resonates with the hearts of the participants and supporters of the Oltenia Marathon and convinces them to be alongside us a real support for Valcea CBT."

Martin Zmelik, Country Manager CEZ Group in Romania

The Oltenia Marathon is, firstly, an event about sports, the community and nature, a project which we have been embracing each year, while carefully paying attention to each detail and showing the utmost respect for each participant’s effort. There are several unique components that differentiate the Oltenia Marathon – sportspeople which come from all over the country and even from other European countries, the absolutely fabulous trails, the special connection with our host city from Valcea, but, evenmore, the shared vibration of all those involved, which can be sensed during the two days of annual competitions. This year, we wanted to create a context which enabled us to communicate this state of mind, using the hearts which beat together in sync, in the rythm of the Oltenia Marathon. This is how this song was born, closely following  the hearts rhythm evolution of athletes’ participating to the Oltenia Marathon trail."

Alina Damaschin, Head of Brand PR & Creative Leader of Rogalski Damaschin PR.

The runners and cyclists who want to register for the Trail Running and MTB Cross-Country competitions of the Oltenia Marathon which take part on the 26th and 27th of August, in Ramnicu Valcea, may do so on www.maratonulolteniei.ro.

Maratonul Olteniei


CEZ Romania PR, Brand and Marketing Department
About CEZ Group in Romania 
CEZ Group has been present on the Romanian market ever since 2005, when it took over the power distribution company Electrica Oltenia SA, which, after the process of transformation, supplies with electricity the following seven counties: Argeş, Dolj, Gorj, Mehedinţi, Olt, Teleorman and Vâlcea. CEZ Group’s business in Romania is represented by its 8 companies – Distributie Oltenia (former CEZ Distribuţie), CEZ România, CEZ Vânzare, CEZ Trade, Tomis Team, MW Team Invest, Ovidiu Development and TMK Hydroenergy Power.



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